Summer Sun

Daylight Savings is a phenomenal waste of time, when you consider how much faffing with clocks goes on. I especially liked the two guys on Sunday morning interrogating a bemused donut-vendor in Fulham Broadway as to what time it was – with the nearby London Underground automated signs not helping much (that’s to say still being on GMT).

But the one thing that makes it seem worthwhile is leaving work late, and yet unexpectedly still having the chance to walk home down the riverside watching the sun set in full technicolour. Friday, which was about ten degrees colder and where the sun was almost gone before I left work, seems a world away. Roll on summer!

2 thoughts on “Summer Sun

  1. Eddie

    Yeah, I have just seen “my” Scout hut for the first time ever in daylight!

    Something about the evening light today and yesterday made me think of late summer evenings.

    Think I need to find a new time server for my work desk phone to use though. I even rebooted it thinking maybe it hadn’t checked. And when the time came back, it was still an hour later….

  2. Ant

    However when working nights there is nothing more depressing than seeing the sun rise before you have even got home.

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