Cycle Map updates

New this week in rendering:

  • New higher-zoom (z15) areas around Edinburgh and Bristol
  • Non-toucan crossings rendered as yellow dots, as seen along the Ipswich Ring-road
  • Sustrans “Regional Cycle Routes” now rendered in a lighter shade of blue, to distinguish them from Local cycle networks, as seen in the greater Ipswich area and in the impressive coverage of Kent
  • Various little tweaks to the rendering styles

More importantly, new routes spring up all the time. This week includes:

The NCN 6 is an interesting one – Dave and I cycled the Grand Union stretch on Saturday, and I wonder who did the other two bits further north – were there three groups all working independently this week on the same route? As more and more of the routes have at least some of the sections marked, the next task will be to join them all together.

If anyone has any other areas that they want higher detail rendered, or spot any other new sections recently added, feel free to leave a comment.

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