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OSM Cycle Map Goes International

After a request from one of my OSM colleagues in the Netherlands, and with some mooching around the planet checking for any other signs of cycle routes, I’ve expanded the cycle map rendering to show more places at high zoom. Added this week:

  • The whole of Europe rendered to zoom level 8. That should help spot any national routes cropping up around the place, and gives quick gratification if anyone starts in a new country
  • The whole of the Netherlands down to zoom level 13. That means even local routes will show up, and at the lowest zoom it’ll flick over to route highlighting. Some short sections are already available – the LF1 north of Vlissingen and more routes on the outskirts of Eindhoven
  • A collection of routes around Stockholm – there’s more national route some distance to the north east, but that wasn’t there last week when I set up the render boundaries so you’ll have to wait for a few more days!

And I’ve noticed there’s some in Oslo too, so that’ll get more detail hopefully in next week’s render pass. I’ve also added an extra layer over the entire of the UK, so you can view all the areas in even closer detail. There’s still only some areas done to the maximum depth (London, Bristol and Edinburgh amongst them) so feel free to ask. I’m going to have to look into avoiding rendering vast amounts of sea – the tileset is now gigabytes in size.

I’m hoping that the motto “render and they will tag” will apply to the Netherlands in particular – already you can use the maps to highlight all the cycle paths, and adding in the national, regional and local signed routes will make things even better. Get tagging NL!

A Wise Man is Astonished By Everything

A few months ago I was cycling home along Smuggler’s Way near the Wandle Delta when I spotted some graffiti on the wall of a builder’s mechant. A few weeks later I stopped off to get some photos.

Photo of graffiti

Photo of graffiti

Not a Banksy, I don’t think, but cool none the less. Unfortunately it looks like the uber-efficient Wandsworth Borough Council anti-graffiti squad have removed all traces of it, which is a shame. I bear no grudge against the squad – who I must owe a bottle of wine to by now for the number of times they’ve responded to my pleas regarding graffit on our estate – but a part of me wishes they could make a distinction between art and vandalism.

On an entirely unrelated note, here’s a nice chirpy song for you – “Youkou Yeah Yeah !” from Vulsor’s The Project. Keen followers of my profile – which records for posterity what I listen to at home – would have noticed this getting a few plays since I found it in my collection. I’d recommend “Mushroom” from the same album, except I hate how it ends. When I get a chance (and err, learn how…), then I’ll remix it and give it a proper conclusion….

Dusk ’til Dawn 2007

It’s probably about time I write some non-openstreetmap stuff!

Last weekend was the Dusk ’til Dawn overnight mountain bike race around Thetford Forest. 844 competitors in a couple of hundred teams (with some idiots doing a 12 hour solo race, and more sensible people like us doing relays in teams of four), and a course just under 12 miles long winding around the forest – some single track (fun, but tricky for overtaking), some fire road (i.e. forestry track), and the occaisional “bomb hole” thrown in for good measure. We came 32nd in our class (full timings) with me doing the first, seventh and final laps of the night.

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The World Conspires

The world conspires to prevent me updating the cycle map – from the ever (and rapidly) increasing amount of data in the db (the “planet” files are now around three times larger than when I started a few weeks ago, and growing at about 200Mb per week) to disk failures in the famous beerwarmer, which is the machine that pre-renders the tiles before uploading.

This week’s update is so late that it could be mistaken for next week’s, which is a pity, since huge amounts have been added – probably several hundred miles of cycle routes. Amazing! Highlights include:

If I’ve missed anything, or you want to stake a claim to any of the hard work, then just pipe up!

All in all, I’m constantly amazed by how much stuff gets added to the cycle map each week (never mind all the non-cycle work). In only a couple of months it’s gone from sparse data to a functioning network map. As was apparently pointed out on IRC earlier this evening, you can now get between major cities on our routes. I don’t think it’ll be much longer before OSM becomes the definitive online map for the national cycle network, never mind all the towns and cities that are gaining detailed local maps too.

Here’s a little teaser for something else I’m working on…

Contour Teaser