The World Conspires

The world conspires to prevent me updating the cycle map – from the ever (and rapidly) increasing amount of data in the db (the “planet” files are now around three times larger than when I started a few weeks ago, and growing at about 200Mb per week) to disk failures in the famous beerwarmer, which is the machine that pre-renders the tiles before uploading.

This week’s update is so late that it could be mistaken for next week’s, which is a pity, since huge amounts have been added – probably several hundred miles of cycle routes. Amazing! Highlights include:

If I’ve missed anything, or you want to stake a claim to any of the hard work, then just pipe up!

All in all, I’m constantly amazed by how much stuff gets added to the cycle map each week (never mind all the non-cycle work). In only a couple of months it’s gone from sparse data to a functioning network map. As was apparently pointed out on IRC earlier this evening, you can now get between major cities on our routes. I don’t think it’ll be much longer before OSM becomes the definitive online map for the national cycle network, never mind all the towns and cities that are gaining detailed local maps too.

Here’s a little teaser for something else I’m working on…

Contour Teaser

8 thoughts on “The World Conspires

  1. Thomas Wood

    Wow, the ever expanding coverage is impressive.

    The contours look interesting, will be interesting to see how they form.

  2. Gerco-Kees

    Nice and impressive work. Is it possible to render cycle routes in the Netherlands as well? The dutch cyclists would very much appreciate that…..

  3. Andy

    Gerco-Kees – of course. Do you know of any location where they are using the cycle routes tags? I can certainly add the netherlands into the basemap, but as the main focus is currently on the national and city routes I’m not sure if there’s much data. If you can give me a url of a location you’re interested in particularly, I can have a look and see what’s there.

  4. Richard Fairhurst

    Very impressive!

    Sadly, I suspect it might slow down a bit over the winter months – fewer opportunities to go out in the dark evenings, and less conducive weather over the weekends.

    Though hopefully we’ll have Simon Berry’s end-to-end NCN tracklogs before long, which might provide an opportunity for some mapping; and I’ll map NCN 8 once I can get Potlatch working with the NPE tiles (which isn’t going to be easy…).

  5. Andy

    Do we get any detailed notes with Simon Berry’s tracklogs? I read some of his weblog where he mentioned missing bits out, so I’m not sure whether we’ll be able to tell which bits are on the ncn routes or not.

    One advantage of winter months is that everyone stops planning weekends away, and might be able to concentrate on doing mapping instead!

  6. Gregory Williams

    I’ve been busy over the last few days interrogating the latest planet file for routes that have got the route number in their tags, but not in the official ?cn_ref tags (e.g. some routes just had the name “NCN 9”). So, there’ll be a scattering of a few more routes appearing in your next refresh. On that note, you may wish to extend your coverage a little further West at zoom level 8 and below, just in case whomever originally mapped that route chooses to survey some more.

  7. Gerco-Kees

    Hi Andy, as you can see there are a few red spots in the south-west of the Netherlands. I tagged a few paths as national cycleroute there. But current we cannot zoom in there, because the maps weren’t rendered. We can proceed tagging more routes once we are sure they are rendered somewhere. Thanks in advance….

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