A Wise Man is Astonished By Everything

A few months ago I was cycling home along Smuggler’s Way near the Wandle Delta when I spotted some graffiti on the wall of a builder’s mechant. A few weeks later I stopped off to get some photos.

Photo of graffiti

Photo of graffiti

Not a Banksy, I don’t think, but cool none the less. Unfortunately it looks like the uber-efficient Wandsworth Borough Council anti-graffiti squad have removed all traces of it, which is a shame. I bear no grudge against the squad – who I must owe a bottle of wine to by now for the number of times they’ve responded to my pleas regarding graffit on our estate – but a part of me wishes they could make a distinction between art and vandalism.

On an entirely unrelated note, here’s a nice chirpy song for you – “Youkou Yeah Yeah !” from Vulsor’s The Project. Keen followers of my last.fm profile – which records for posterity what I listen to at home – would have noticed this getting a few plays since I found it in my collection. I’d recommend “Mushroom” from the same album, except I hate how it ends. When I get a chance (and err, learn how…), then I’ll remix it and give it a proper conclusion….

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