OSM Cycle Map Goes International

After a request from one of my OSM colleagues in the Netherlands, and with some mooching around the planet checking for any other signs of cycle routes, I’ve expanded the cycle map rendering to show more places at high zoom. Added this week:

  • The whole of Europe rendered to zoom level 8. That should help spot any national routes cropping up around the place, and gives quick gratification if anyone starts in a new country
  • The whole of the Netherlands down to zoom level 13. That means even local routes will show up, and at the lowest zoom it’ll flick over to route highlighting. Some short sections are already available – the LF1 north of Vlissingen and more routes on the outskirts of Eindhoven
  • A collection of routes around Stockholm – there’s more national route some distance to the north east, but that wasn’t there last week when I set up the render boundaries so you’ll have to wait for a few more days!

And I’ve noticed there’s some in Oslo too, so that’ll get more detail hopefully in next week’s render pass. I’ve also added an extra layer over the entire of the UK, so you can view all the areas in even closer detail. There’s still only some areas done to the maximum depth (London, Bristol and Edinburgh amongst them) so feel free to ask. I’m going to have to look into avoiding rendering vast amounts of sea – the tileset is now gigabytes in size.

I’m hoping that the motto “render and they will tag” will apply to the Netherlands in particular – already you can use the maps to highlight all the cycle paths, and adding in the national, regional and local signed routes will make things even better. Get tagging NL!

8 thoughts on “OSM Cycle Map Goes International

  1. Bone

    How do you feel about adding the US to your cycle map? As soon as the TIGER import is done, I plan to start tagging the BikePA[1] (statewide) routes in Pennsylvania.

    If this isn’t feasible for you, I’ll probably look into hosting it myself. How much disc space are those tiles taking up for your map of the UK?

    [1] http://www.pahighways.com/other/bicyclepa.html

  2. Andy

    No problem at all, quite happy to host tiles for the States too – when you start tagging, let me know where and I’ll start rendering them. I’ve got gigs of space and terabytes of bandwidth – the problem is it’s taking longer and longer to render and upload the tiles to my webhost. Still, it’s less than a day at the moment, so not a problem for now.

    In answer to your question, the total tiles used now that Europe is in there is 3.7 gigabytes – although probably a gig or two consists of detailed sections of the North Atlantic!

  3. Bone

    Thank you very much. I am certainly envious of your hosting arrangement. Now, a question that I’ve been mulling over a while. Do you think I should tag state-wide routes as ncn or rcn?

    I am thinking ncn, because the states in the US are approximately the same size as European countries, so we would want rendering to be similar for similar zoom levels.

    Alternatively, we could make bikepa_ref=”j” with rendering similar to ncn. I don’t know how much work that would be on your end, though.

  4. Andy

    I’d just use the ncn tags – I’d say it’s unlikely (from what little I know about the US) that there’ll be a federal cycle network any time. And if there is, it’s not that hard to go back and change things later – after all, the rcn tags was something I made up after most of them had been tagged, and Gregory went back and changed lots of his in SE England. Much more important just to dive in, get the ball rolling, and worry about these things later!

  5. Bone

    Excellent. I’ve gone ahead and tagged up the first 20 miles of BikePA route J.

    If you can render the following z=12 tiles, we should be able to see how it works.

    1174 1551
    1174 1552
    1174 1553
    1175 1553
    1175 1554

    If there’s some way I can help with the rendering, I’d be willing to dedicate a PC to the effort.

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  7. Gerco-Kees

    Hi Andy,
    That is good news! Thanks a lot for your outstanding work. Above i see that you will be busy with rendering (at least your hardware will be busy 🙂 ) many parts of the world. Good luck!

  8. Ebenezer

    Any chance of getting some coverage in Australia? I would find more detailed coverage in Sydney (for example) fantastic. If you drop me an e-mail I can suggest a bounding box.

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