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Last night’s episode of “The Bike Show“, aired on London’s Resonance FM, featured an extended interview with your’s truly on the subject of OpenStreetMap and my OSM cycle map. The interview was recorded out and about around London a couple of weeks ago – and if you want to listen to it, it’s available on their website – “Reclaim the Street(maps)”.

Also on the programme was a short interview with George Coulouris and Jean Dollimore from the Camden Cycle campaign. We’ve been collaborating over their mapping website,, to use my cycle maps as the backdrop to their routes, and you can switch from Google to OSM using the drop-down in the top right corner of their maps.

So those of you paying attention to the interview will know who finished off the LCN 22 a couple of weeks ago!

7 thoughts on “The Bike Show

  1. jarv


    I was wondering whether you might be able to write a super-short tutorial for adding to the LCN routes on Open Street Map. Do you just simply go along adding the lcn_ref tags? And do you have to break apart roads to divide off the cycle way? And what about where there is a cycle contra-flow against a 1 way road?

  2. Andy

    Yep, just add the tags to any road that needs them. If the route disappears off down a side street, you need to break the first road into two sections and apply the tag to the appropriate parts. And finally, you can use cycleway=opposite_lane to indicate the contra-flow along a oneway road.

  3. Andy

    Well get on with it then! 🙂 There’s plenty of other mistakes in the interview as well, but I don’t think many of them are particularly misleading and certainly not intentionally misleading on my part.

  4. Shaun McDonald

    Unfortunately I’m not fearless enough to cycle along them all, and don’t have a car. That was the only mistake that I noticed, the others were probably insignificant or too specific to London for me to notice. I understand that you aren’t trying to be misleading, it can be hard when you are put on the spot.

  5. Richard Fairhurst

    Superb! (And thanks for the namecheck – most chuffed!)

    Still limbering up for a big NCN expedition in a few months…

    As for the A-roads, I ticked off a few more in Shropshire today, so we’re doing our best to prove you right.

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