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As usual, when the frequency of posts declines here, that just means there’s more interesting things going on in the real world! I’ve also been trying to avoid writing yet another OSM post, but hey-ho, here’s an update on the cycle map.

Lots more areas are now rendered since I blogged a month ago. Lyon, Vienna, Toronto, Vancouver, Antwerp, Almere, Neuss, Frankfurt, Furth, Karlsruhe, Berlin, Leuven, Bonn and Sydney have all been added along with overviews of some other countries. If there’s somewhere else that you reckon could do with some more zoom levels, just leave a comment or send me an email.

Shelters are now rendered as can be seen in the forests near Bonn, and bike parking has been changed so that small capacity cycle stands show up as blue dots and only larger capacity bike parking areas show quite so predominantly! Previously, it could get quite cluttered as you can see when Tom Chance mapped the cycle parking around the parliament buildings in London. The changes were only partially implemented (or more accurately, I messed up some of the mapnik rules 🙂 ) so you’ll need to wait a couple of days to see them working properly.

Also fixed was a UTF8 bug in the relations-handling code that meant that some recently-added routes weren’t showing up properly at low zoom levels. We’ve also moved all the contours to the postgis database and stopped pre-rendering them – it turns out the IO hit of loading the transparent contour tiles from disk is greater than just re-rendering them for high zoom levels, and since most of the tiles are high zoom, that’s where the time matters most.

24 thoughts on “More cyclemap stuff

  1. Dave

    Thanks for putting in all the hard work with the cycle map – it’s much appreciated and I’m watching the NC network steadily grow. I’m planning to map a missing section near me in the next couple of months.

    When I was up in Cumbria recently, I came across a bit on NCN 72, which I haven’t spotted on the map anywhere yet. I was just wondering how often the CycleMap tiles are re-rendered so that I can admire my handiwork? It might be useful information to put on the same page as the map key and other map info.



  2. Andy

    Gregory – that’s going to vary, depending on how things pan out. I’ve currently set it to 20 but that might change, so it’s best that everyone tags the bike parking with the correct capacity= and then we can see what the optimal value is – and maybe it’ll be different on different zoom levels. There’s only 11 in the world tagged with the capacity at the moment, so it’s trial and error!

    Richard – no, thank you for pointing it out – still surprised nobody else had noticed.

    Ebenezer – you’re welcome.

    Dave – Every week when the planet file comes out at – it takes about a day to process and upload.

  3. Andy

    Ah – new stuff around Bonn that wasn’t there a couple of weeks ago – I’ve expanded the area and it’ll show up next week.

  4. jerryw

    Hi Andy,
    I’ve got three months of cycling in Norway and Sweden coming up, and Norway in particular is really poor for contour info on topo maps – I’d like to help improve the situation, is there any scope for doing so while I ride up the best cycling bits from Bergen to Tromso? I’m intrigued to find your contours on the Welsh hills I’ve just been looking at… I’d love to help getting data for the wilder bits above the arctic circle, which you basically have to explore with a 1:300 000 roadmap given the gap in the commercial market for Norwegian cycling info. At the moment I’m at the route planning stage using Bikely, what I’d like to do is take a logging GPS with me if you or OSM could use the data …

  5. Andy

    Bodenseepeter – I don’t think anyone who is interested in the OSM renderings will find a google mashup a suitable alternative!

  6. Bodenseepeter

    @Andy: I agree. I posted the link since I assumed you were also interested in routes (!) over there. As the owner of bikemap I am looking forward to the date we can switch from google-maps to osm!

  7. Steve J

    @Dave: The N72 extends a bit further down too. It links up with the short bit of cyclepath I marked just south of Beckermet.

    I’m intending to take my bike up next time I visit my folks and map a bit more of the area out (and of course tag a few cycle routes on the way)

  8. Alexander

    I plan to add some of Denmarks cycle routes (in fact I have already tagged first bits). I’m not sure if it’s necessary to tell you to include Denmark in future rendering or whether that will happen automagically?

  9. Luke W

    Hey there. I have had a look at the Cycle Map for Sydney and was so impressed with the results, I thought I would start placing cycle route relations on routes in Melbourne, Australia. At the moment, they do not render. If you could enable rendering to occur for the metropolitan area of Melbourne I would really appreciate it. Keep up the good work.

    P.S. Link to Melbourne, Australia:

  10. Holger

    Hi, since I’ve discovered your bike maps and that they are somewhat detailed around my place (Mühlviertel north-east of Linz in Austria, I am using them for planning bike trips; especially useful are the contours (and I am looking forward for shading …). But I would be interested in some more detail, as the cycleway=track tags do not show up in the levels available, and I would like to start tagging them in more places.
    Thanks anyway for your great work! Holger

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