Replacement Garmin eTrex Bike Clip

After some, umm, over-enthusiastic pinging by a volunteer at a recent OSM Mapping Party, the springy catch on my GPS’s bike clip snapped off. In an attempt to get it fixed I left my brain out of gear and bought a second bike-mount kit from Amazon, but for reasons that still escape me only the handlebar-bit works with the ‘x’ models – in the kit there’s a replacement back for units without the SD card that have the springy-bit molded on but that doesn’t fit most models. So thinking back, I realised the removable clip I wanted had come in the original box, and as much as I fancy a new Legend HCx, I’m not paying hundreds of pounds just because of a two-pence piece of plastic broke!


But, good and surprising news came when I found a forum post that suggested phoning Garmin. Absolutely no hassle, they just sent me one in the post, for free. The cynical would say “just as well, it’s their design flaw” but I just think it’s nice when you stumble across some nice customer service – it makes a change. So if you’re having the same problem (i.e. looking for a replacement 145-00709-00), just give them a call. And a tip of the hat goes to Amazon as well for their returns policy – even refunding the postage. Nice.

14 thoughts on “Replacement Garmin eTrex Bike Clip

  1. Sam

    It’s nice to see you regularly contributing to the blogosphere, but lets take a look at some of your friends who will need moving to join me in the Hall of Shame:

    arcoarena – 4 months since last post
    danyoung – 13 months since last post
    eddie-brown – 5 months since last post
    fatshady – he let the domain lapse… it’s been that way for at least 6 months
    granaig – 20 months since last post, internet must be down on Skye…
    ridex – his site has been broken for at least 6 months since Purple Cloud upgraded php.
    stevenjking – 7 months since last post
    tioram – 7 months since last post

    Basically, Mr Langley and Miss Stevens can stay, everyone else needs to join the Hall of Shame.


  2. Sam

    Sorry – i missed out Foggylog, who can stay, even though his last post was about an old car he left in a field, which is shameful in itself.

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  4. Andy

    I think you’ve mistaken how long between posts I allow. It’s pretty generous. And of course you posting here spurred at least Ed into posting again.

    I’ve got rid of all the dead sites though, I don’t think there’s much point in keeping them around.

  5. Ben

    Ah nice. Good to find out the part number. I called Garmin the other day about this but they couldn’t work out which part I was talking about.

    Even though my clip broke off a few weeks ago, since I have a new bike I decided it would be OK to take my eTrex cx along for the ride. I tied the lanyard around the handlbars, and it is a reasonably stiff fit into the bracket so I thought I’d be OK. Luckily my eTrex was strong enough to survive the road impact…

  6. Martin

    Thanks for this post – I have lost my little clip and was in exactly the same position. Have contacted Garmin and hope they will do the same for me!

  7. Gregory Marler

    Did you use the charged phone number (that is giving me a long wait), or is there another number for them?

    I did Ben’s tactic of letting it sit on the bracket without the clip, I’m glad the eTrex’s are nice and rugged to survive a lot. I also need to re-glue the rubber side on, which I understand is another common problem.

  8. Gregory Marler

    When calling on a mobile it said this number will charge outside you plan, I realised later it does that for free phone numbers as well as expensive numbers. I must remember to call again(they were busy), next time from the land line.

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