Last night I went to the first meeting of the unwieldy-named London Geo/Mobile Developers Meetup Group, which was hosted by Google at their London HQ. The three talks are nicely summarised by Gary Gale in his blog post on the event, but I just wanted to include something I always like to see – giant slides showing the cycle map:

Give thanks for the Cycle Map

Nice. But as Mike mentions in the comments on that photo, there’s still a lot of people need awakening to the powers of OpenStreetMap. BikeRadar mentions a campaign to try to persuade Google to add bike routes to their maps (can’t think who “burlyc” might be…) – there’s now 43,000 people signed the petition, when they could already have mapped all the bike paths onto OpenStreetMap instead. Really, as Nick discussed last night in his “Five things you can’t do with online maps” talk, the ideas behind everyone sharing the same, standard, (frequently Google) map are becoming long in the tooth – all the interest and an increasing amount of “cool” stuff is coming from the open-source/crowd-sourced/OpenStreetMap world. We just need to keep spreading the word and getting more people involved.

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  1. Richard Fairhurst

    Exactly. Yesterday’s Lifecycle UK newsletter had a similar plug for Google Maps Bike There… cue long exposition of “what is the point”. I kinda feel like repeating “Why mashups suck (and cartography matters)” in Lester Caine-style CAPITAL LETTERS and hoping people get it this time.

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