6 thoughts on “New OpenStreetMap Promotional Leaflets

  1. Jóhannes Birgir Jensson

    This looks fantastic Andy. Is it possible to get the layout/source for this to be able to translate it to other languages? I’m thinking mostly of Icelandic for now but other languages maybe down the line. It looks very impressive. Would also be interested in obtaining English pack for a conference in Botswana but you only ship within the UK.

  2. Andy Post author

    Hi Jóhannes – yes, the sources are available – see https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-promotional-leaflets .

    You might also be interested in the OSM pr_materials SVN repository, where there’s many other older versions of the leaflets too. https://trac.openstreetmap.org/browser/subversion/misc/pr_material

    As for the shipping – I can ship them anywhere, it’s just that international postage rates on heavier packets are a complete nightmare. If you send me an email with the destination, and how many you need, I’ll figure out how much it’ll cost.

  3. vincentdephily

    Thanks for the update 🙂

    Why did it move from its original repo ? Github makes private experimentation simpler, but it’ll be a pain to figure out where to get what. Maybe move all the PR material to one repo, not just the english A7 leaflet ?

  4. Andy Post author

    I much prefer git to subversion, so all the stuff I do ends up in git repositories. But if other people are happy to keep working in subversion, I’m not going to stop them!

    I don’t know what the best approach is, but all the versions are out there, if anyone else fancies reorganising everything and coordinating between all the authors. In the meantime, my version of the leaflets can now take pull requests, have tags on updated versions, have branches rather than lots of directories, and all that kind of thing.

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