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A Wise Man is Astonished By Everything

A few months ago I was cycling home along Smuggler’s Way near the Wandle Delta when I spotted some graffiti on the wall of a builder’s mechant. A few weeks later I stopped off to get some photos.

Photo of graffiti

Photo of graffiti

Not a Banksy, I don’t think, but cool none the less. Unfortunately it looks like the uber-efficient Wandsworth Borough Council anti-graffiti squad have removed all traces of it, which is a shame. I bear no grudge against the squad – who I must owe a bottle of wine to by now for the number of times they’ve responded to my pleas regarding graffit on our estate – but a part of me wishes they could make a distinction between art and vandalism.

On an entirely unrelated note, here’s a nice chirpy song for you – “Youkou Yeah Yeah !” from Vulsor’s The Project. Keen followers of my last.fm profile – which records for posterity what I listen to at home – would have noticed this getting a few plays since I found it in my collection. I’d recommend “Mushroom” from the same album, except I hate how it ends. When I get a chance (and err, learn how…), then I’ll remix it and give it a proper conclusion….

Track of the Week

For your audio pleasures, my favourite track for this week is the uninspiringly-named “Piste 08” in Xcyril’s album “Organique”. Very upbeat, well rounded, pick-me-up kind of music.

If I was producing a TV show I’d be very tempted to use it as the signature tune, and with only a little editing of the ending to remove the forced staccato in one of the phrases, I’d be quite happy. Oh, and since it’s cc-by-sa, I’d be allowed to edit it, and use it commercially too!

Alternatives to DRM nasties

So Nia buys some music, and gets bitten by DRM – but don’t worry, those big companies are digitally protecting your rights.

I gave up on commercial music years ago, and have stuck to Creative Commons music since then. Sure, you’re less likely to hear their jingles on adverts, and your friends might not have heard of them, but hey! There’s tons of it out there, and most of it is dross – but that’s no different from the stuff you have to pay for. My latest source of music is Jamendo, offering high quality .oggs and .mp3s for free download. I can heartily recommend tryad, especially their cracking album “Listen” (which I’m listening to at the moment – if you do nothing else, listen to “lovely” on the website). If you want something completely unusual, try “Fusion” from Cool Cavemen. Or my favourite from this week – “Drop” from Alexander Blu.

Has anyone else got any albums or songs they want to recommend in the comments?